You are welcome to download the letters offered here on my site. And those which I offer through my Yahoo group. You can then use them when e-mailing. They are for your private use only. Please do not remove any credits, others' or mine from my stationery, you cannot claim my stationery as your own.
If you want to add my letters to a collection online, please ask first.

The images, graphics and tubes I have used in my stationery are from free sites and/or from sites which have given me permission to use them. Most tubes have been purchased and are used with the appropriate license. I sometimes use my own graphics - pixel graphics, generally. These are created from scratch or from using tutorials that are either freely available or from the groups I belong to.
However, if you find a file that is copyrighted and that I should not have used, e-mail me and I will remove the letter immediately.

Enjoy your visit!

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