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345) Marvene 
Baltimore, Maryland Location
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Monday, 1 November 2004 13:41 Host:

smile I don't remember visiting your site over the past years...yet I can't believe I have missed such a wonderful collection of letters!

I immediately identified with the fantastic witch for Halloween....and then I saw the Red Hat items....what a delight to be able to add them to my choices for lovely notes and letters to send to my friends!!

Going back to check out more of your wonderful letters, and tags and things, but I had to stop and say thank you....I know you will have given me (and those I correspond with may moments of delight as we send your creations back and forth!!

Thank again and again!!

PS. If you have or start a mailing group for new letters; perhaps tags at a later date (for me)...I would love to be included! Best Wishes for a wonderful day.

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